Basic practical course
Upon completion of the course, the KIM International Training Center Certificate is issued, which also includes BPR points in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 22, 2019 №446
1 day, 7 hours of practice
  • candidate of Medical Sciences
  • a paediatric surgeon of the highest category
  • surgeon-transplantologist of NSCH "Ohmatdyt"
  • valid member of the European Association of Pediatric Surgeons (EUPSA), IPEG (International Pediatric Endosurgery Group)
Course objective:
Learn the main principles of laparoscopy, practise basic methods of performing minimally invasive interventions
Course structure:
  • theoretical part (informative lectures, including online inclusion of foreign experts)
  • working out practical skills on laparoscopic simulators, training modules and unique Analytic simulators
  • analysis of the main stages of operative interventions during online broadcasts from the operating room
Material-technical base:
Simulators for laparoscopy - Laparo Advance, Analytic, instruments and equipment for laparoscopic handing, training modules for practising skills of working with laparoscopic instruments, broadcasts from operating rooms, multimedia training aids, video library, Laparo ACADEMY mobile app
Practising paediatric surgeons, both beginners and those who wish to update their manual skills
Dr. Oleh Godik
surgeon, Ph.D.
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