Basics of sewing in laparoscopy
In course program 4-5 hours of intensive working out the basic skills on laparoscopic stitching and knotting
1 day, 4-5 hours of practice on simulators
  • gynecologist, 18 years of medical experience
  • candidate of Medical Sciences
  • curator of the laparoscopic surgery training program since 2006
Course objective:
Formation of basic manual skills, working out the basic techniques of execution of seams and knots
Course structure:
Working out the basic skills on laparoscopic simulators, training modules and unique Analytic simulators
Material-technical base:
Simulators for laparoscopy - Laparo Advance, Analytic, instruments and equipment for laparoscopic handing, training modules for practising skills of working with laparoscopic instruments, broadcasts from operating rooms, multimedia training aids, video library, Laparo ACADEMY mobile app
Practicing gynecological surgeons, oncogynecologists
Dr. Anna Novosad
doctor-gynaecologist, Ph.D.
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